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Gensler Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gensler Minneapolis’ new studio investigates the concept of Workshop as Workplace and celebrates the old and new, raw and refined, high tech and low tech. Located atop the historic Baker Building, the workshop is envisioned as an idea laboratory and maker space with an open framework that catalyzes employees, clients, and the community as participants in the creative process.

In designing the new workspace for Gensler Minneapolis, the team stripped the space down to its bones, exposing terrazzo floors, concrete structure, and a palette of clay tiles, brick, and cast iron. In addition to redesigning the office space to deliver a highly functional and inspirational workplace, the team focused on creating a contrasting but equally rational insertion within the existing framework. Utilizing resilient materials, the result is a spatially layered intervention that provides a multitude of overlapping activity zones that are stitched together with access to fresh air and daylight.