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Gensler Singapore


Driven by the goal of reimagining the future of work and establishing a sense of belonging, Gensler’s new Singapore office is designed to embrace the firm’s global perspective while balancing its uniquely local connection to Singapore culture. Spanning 8,880 feet, the new workspace is designed to foster authentic human connection and collaborative experiences among employees returning to the office.

The design process was informed by findings from the Gensler Research Institute’s global workplace surveys conducted throughout the pandemic and guided by a series of team surveys. This strategic approach resulted in an “office wish list,” which prioritized the need to create a collaborative, flexible space that welcomes different working styles in a hybrid environment, plus a good coffee machine where workers can socialize.

Gensler’s new Singapore office, which is on track for LEED Gold Certification, is designed to emphasize health, wellness, and sustainability in order to show our clients how their own projects can positively impact their ESG goals. Fully utilizing the latest design technologies for modelling, visualizations, and simulation, as well as space reservation systems, our data-driven design approach shaped a welcoming, modern workspace that maximizes density, accommodates future growth, and spurs creativity and innovation.