A couple of people standing in a room with a bar and lights. A bar with a chandelier and stools. A table with a glass and a glass on it. A group of people sitting at a bar. A door with a mirror.
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Kerloo Cellars

Seattle, Washington

Using the process of taking wood to barrel to wine as the underlying concept, the new Kerloo tasting room is constructed of only three materials – wood (from actual barrels on the feature wall), steel (from the barrel straps, which form the lights) and stainless steel (which mimic the tanks used to ferment white wines) – to vibrant effect. The new tasting room also showcases the powers of digital design and parametric input on even the smallest of projects, while an extremely tight budget and timeline forced the project designers to develop innovative solutions. The success of the design is a credit to the strength of the relationship between the design team and the client.