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Leidos Global Headquarters

Reston, Virginia

Housed in a brand-new building, the Leidos Global Headquarters serves as an inspiring beacon that showcases the scientific research company’s core identity, evolving brand strategy, and innovative leadership. Upon entering the lobby, visitors are greeted by a striking kaleidoscope created by Artist Davis McCarty that hangs overhead — a symbolic nod to the company's moniker and a visual representation of its workplace planning strategy, which uses symmetrical irregular shapes to bring order and beauty to a rectilinear building.

The design captures Leidos' five brand values — visionary, smart, approachable, authentic, and pragmatic — and gives each an architectural identity. A majority of the headquarters' square footage is dedicated to making work happen and putting innovation on display. Gensler’s design team developed a vertical campus by creating a series of two-story community hubs using slab openings that provide visual connection from floor to floor, breaking down programmatic silos. With technology at the forefront, the Leidos Headquarters is a vessel for promoting the company's global drive to solve our world’s most challenging and important problems.