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LinkedIn Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

LinkedIn Atlanta unites its employees in a workplace that reinforces company values and exudes the humble boldness of the City in the Forest. The vision was to design a workspace that is welcoming to all, balancing familiar elements with the feeling of being on the brink of discovery. To inspire a sense of purpose and belonging, brand experience and storytelling play an integral role in fostering community within LinkedIn Atlanta’s office.

Taking inspiration from Atlanta’s urban landscape, the journey through the space encompasses a series of connection points where people are drawn together by experiences that reflect the local community, invite engagement, and promote LinkedIn’s mission to connect people. Each of the four office neighborhoods offers a unique work setting — the sum of these experiences is a menu that satisfies the various needs and workstyles of employees and visitors alike. LinkedIn’s office design references local examples of connection within the city, such as roads, bridges, schools, and the Beltline. The result is an optimistic, colorful workplace that celebrates its diverse and vibrant surroundings, while carving out an identity all its own within the brand.