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MakMax Flex Experience Center

Osaka, Japan

太陽工業株式会社 マクマックス フレックス エクスペリエンスセンター


MakMax, also known as Taiyo Kogyo, is a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of shade structures and tensile membranes. The company aimed to create a new market for tent warehouse business and services and help raise brand awareness in their industry.

Following an in-depth visioning session which helped clarify the client’s key objectives, Gensler re-programmed the project from the original general office facility plan to create a facility center beyond an architectural structure. The experience center envisioned as a space where employees and clients could better understand the value of tent structures and learn about the brand’s history.

The experience center was designed with maximum space flexibility to hold multipurpose events such as meetings and seminars, and inside the center visitors can experience the company’s various products and offerings firsthand. A number of brand’s products and materials were used for the center’s design and construction. Gensler’s design transformed a simple tent structure into an inviting space that brings MakMax’s core values to life.





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