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Mintz Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

Mintz’s clear intention for its new office to be “unassuming” guided the entire interior design process, which culminated in a modern work environment that precisely strikes the right tone for its attorneys and clients. The legal workplace was designed to take full advantage of its large central atrium skylight, focusing circulation around the heart of the space for impromptu connections, natural light, and remarkable lines of sight across the floorplate and into the Café. The Café is anchored around the atrium and offers a moody-like restaurant experience where you can enter and connect from all sides, making it ideal for quick coffee trips, a touchdown work spot, and a warm retreat for catching up with colleagues.

Art plays a prominent role in adding character to Mintz’s new legal office. The team embraced the creative process wholeheartedly, working with Artists Circle Fine Art to select artwork that highlights female artists with a diversity of backgrounds. The design team partnered with Netherlands-based artist Claudy Jongstra — inspired by her phenomenal story and ethical, sustainable methods — to create a 40-foot installation of beautifully curated and patterned felt, all hand-crafted and dyed. The captivating piece is installed with a lit backdrop, amplifying its impact in the light-filled space. The law firm’s new office creates a welcoming and refreshingly modern atmosphere and is designed to accommodate flexibility to adapt to Mintz’s new approach to work.