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NBA Store London

London, United Kingdom

Gensler has designed the new NBA Store on Oxford Street, relocating from its previous Soho location. This three-floor flagship store consists of nearly 9,000 square feet of interactive retail and community space, featuring the most extensive range of officially licensed NBA merchandise for youth and adults ever available in the UK. The team have created a nostalgic feel throughout the store using surprising yet familiar detailing and iconic moments from the history of NBA.

Going beyond sales to create an experience, rather than simply a place to shop, draws people to this store and enhances NBA’s fandom. As part of the innovative design, advanced on-site customisation services are available for fans to personalise jerseys. There are several interactive elements, including LED screens showing NBA highlights, interviews, analysis, and social media content as well as measure-ups and handprints of notable NBA players and legends. The store also features a dedicated activation and event space complete with a 200-inch-wide LED screen and gaming facilities.