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Organon Culture Strategy

Leading up to its company launch, Organon engaged Gensler to co-create a distinct culture strategy, with defined and lasting values and aspirations to support their employee experience across the globe. Organon sought to create a synergized, cohesive culture by activating the organizational components of Gensler’s proprietary Work Culture Indicator: representations, structures, norms, regulators, resources, and workflows. Each component shifts the organizational culture from “knowing” to “doing,” and creates actionable activities that start to shape an employee's experience. This feedback loop — the manifestation of values as behaviors and the evolution of values based on experience — provides a consistent and productive company culture in action.

The Gensler strategy team worked with culture champions and their leaders in three different countries – Brazil, South Korea, and Spain – to prototype and create locally attuned Culture Activation Kits to be implemented at each location. These engagements with leadership uncovered an intense focus on, and excitement about, instilling a founder’s mentality across Organon’s workplaces.

The kits guide each culture champion team through their chosen Culture Activation – for example, to kickstart a feedback culture, facilitate cross-functional collaboration, or to confirm the next 1:1 candid conversation. The kits consist of customized materials like workshop agendas and decks, conversation starters, feedback templates, and more. The customized kits amplify cultural priorities and set the stage for future iterations, enabling Organon’s leaders and workers to own the activation and evolve it as the team and culture grow.