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pladis HQ

London, United Kingdom

Leading confectionery brand pladis partnered with Gensler to design a new London HQ that celebrates the joy of making, baking, and sharing through a carefully crafted workspace designed to help employees return to the office in an agile, flexible, and personalised way. The design team created a future-ready, feel-good space that celebrates pladis’ best ingredient – its people. With aromas of baked goods and coffee, a welcoming, warm, and convivial ‘bakery-meets-hotel’ aesthetic creates a multi-sensory experience for workers and visitors. Gensler London helped guide the consumer goods brand through a dramatic shift away from traditional work models, collaborating to facilitate the transition. Inspired by its leafy location, the new workspace is filled with biophilia and maximises natural light to promote wellbeing. Maternity and wellness rooms form part of this people-led design approach, which prioritises happiness, health, and self-care.