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Plywood Place

Atlanta, Georgia

Plywood Place was designed to support startups doing good in a multi-purpose and co-working space inside a 10,000-sq.-ft. former warehouse that was designed with the Plywood community in mind. Celebrating the West End neighborhood, Plywood Place embraces the local context, opening up to the BeltLine and bringing the community into the space, which showcases artwork by a local muralist.

The new workspace provides dedicated areas for each service Plywood provides to its partners: a mix of desking, lounge space, and booths provide options for individual and collaborative work, while separate offices, quiet zones, and huddle rooms support privacy. Flagged with Plywood's signature “Better is Possible,” mantra, the end of the space culminates in “Sunken Magic,” a pit descending from the ground floor and the mezzanine level above, that provides an inspiring community space for gathering and empowering people to share ideas and proactively move their missions forward.