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San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 2

San Francisco, California

Designed as representative of the Bay Area’s culture and aesthetic, the renovated Terminal 2 (SFO T2) accommodates 14 gates serving Virgin America and American Airlines. The terminal elevates the passenger experience through design strategies that reduce traveler stress, highlight the airport’s world-renowned art installations and promote progressive sustainability measures. With an emphasis on service, hospitality, and comfort, SFO T2 features a post-security Recompose area, a meeters-and-greeters lounge, hotel-inspired seating areas, and a range of locally sourced, organic dining options. Designed by Gensler, T2 is the first LEED Gold-certified terminal in the United States, supporting SFO’s goals of zero waste, sustainable education, and reduced carbon footprint. Explore our interactive map of SFO’s T2.