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New York, New York

Schroders’s new six-story workplace at 7 Bryant Park embraces the building’s unique geometries and plays on the conical carve-out at the corner over Bryant Park with a theme of “coming full-circle.” The entrance marks a transition from dark to light. High gloss black walls reflect glowing halos and terrazzo floors lead to a bright reception outfitted in light oak. The work space prompts interaction and collaboration: visual and spatial obstructions were eradicated, private offices are limited, and an interconnecting stair encourages movement throughout. Responding to the verdant park below, each floor hosts a dedicated gradient of green. As the floors ascend, the hue darkens from a muted chartreuse to a deep turquoise. Elements within reflect this at a range of scales, from the cafe’s iridescent backspins to custom-made throw pillows.