Shady Grove Fertility reception area. A man and woman sitting in Shady Grove Fertility Brooklyn waiting area. A woman sitting reading in Shady Grove Fertility seating area. A woman walking across Shady Grove Fertility hallway. Shady Grove Fertility New York sign with lights.
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Shady Grove Fertility Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York

When Shady Grove Fertility set out to expand its services in New York, it began by establishing a fertility clinic in Brooklyn that focuses on providing consultation, telemedicine, monitoring, and collection. In designing the fertility clinic facility, our healthcare team placed an early emphasis on lighting as an indispensable design element that helps set the mood for patients. People visiting fertility clinics often arrive in anxious emotional states. Here, the dim and moody lighting design purposefully aims to alleviate feelings of anxiety and create a comfortable atmosphere.

Located in an office building inside a converted industrial warehouse, this classically Brooklyn space maintains its existing brick walls and portions of a vaulted ceiling. Arched doors give the impression of a brownstone entryway. Designed to seamlessly fit into its surrounding neighborhood, the clinic creates a welcoming and warm experience for visitors and helps further Shady Grove Fertility’s mission.