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Columbia Primary Care Manhattan Valley

New York, New York

Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) enlisted Gensler to design a new medical office that emphasizes patient experience and team-based care through a hospitality-inspired design. Occupying a former retail space, this new flagship primary care facility in the Upper West Side features eight exam rooms, phlebotomy labs, and additional staff support spaces. The check-in and guest lounge is welcoming and intuitive, with guests greeted by a friendly concierge or a digital kiosk to check-in and receive an exam room number. Guests self-navigate to their exam room, which is designed to establish equity between patients and care providers with conversations conducted around a consultation table with a digital screen to promote transparency and comfort when making joint decisions about health and treatment plans. In addition to embodying how the practice of medicine is transforming to meet patients’ needs and make seeking quality care easier than ever, this project includes the creation of design standards for future additional primary care facilities in New York and surrounding communities.