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TMC3 Translational Research Campus

Houston, Texas

TMC3, a world-class translational life science campus, assembles the Texas Medical Center’s 53 institutions in one central hub to maximize cross-collaboration across a variety of settings such as life sciences labs, core labs, high performance computing, and office spaces. Within the 1,500,000-square-foot campus, Gensler embraced the vision and set guidelines for the master planning and design of an Innovation Zone. Located on a 30-acre site, this new TMC3 research campus center will support the evolution of monetizing research, capitalizing on new findings, engaging a larger patient-care population, and integrating the practice of medicine, wellness, and education into the city of Houston. Spearheaded by Texas’ most prestigious institutions, the vision explores opportunities for several buildings, including one for a campus-wide genomics institute, a campus-wide regenerative medicine institute, another for innovation, one for health policy, and one for clinical trials. This mixed-use campus will offer urban amenities — restaurants, dry cleaners, barbers, movie theaters, housing for students — as well as a green space program to encourage pedestrian activity and establish a connection to the surrounding environment.