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Toyohashi City Library

Aichi, Japan​



This library is a new destination for the community that revitalizes the city centre of Toyohashi, which has been in decline from its aging population. Appointed for the library design concept as well as its interior design, Gensler designed a space where citizens of all ages want to gather.

Filled with the sounds of music and children singing, the bright and lively library is the place to bond the community. Welcomed by creative wayfinding design by a popular illustrator, Yu Nagaba, the facility is divided into five zones to meet the various needs of visitors. Welcome Zone, the central event space with a large theatre-like staircase, hosts kids’ concerts and talk events, and the Active Zone provides books and toys for kids to make reading fun and entertaining. Targeted for teenagers, the book selection in the Grownup Zone ranges from novels and university guides to comic books, and the Learning and Creative Zone is equipped with PC with the latest creative software. The recently completed Toyohashi City Library is a public facility that is embraced by the community, including by non-typical library visitors.




2022年インテリアデザインアワード 図書館部門 ファイナリスト
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