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Return Strategies for Bringing Fans Back to Our Venues

Sports leagues around the world have been shuttered for months. As we begin to see those doors opening, albeit for players only, we have been working with our clients to understand the challenges, the questions, and the potential strategies to get fans back to enjoying these tremendous human experiences again, in person. Based on the feedback we’ve received and the extensive conversations we’ve had with clients and industry leaders, Gensler offers strategies for the immediate-term, for when fans start to come back, and long-term changes that will be more permanent.

On Thursday, June 25, Gensler Global Sports Leaders and Principals Ryan Sickman, Jonathan Emmett, and Ron Turner joined Global Practice Areas Leader Ray Shick to host a webinar. The discussion centered on measures that focus on safety, understanding temporary changes to expect when doors open again, and projecting a vision for an overall enhanced sports venue experience.

Download Gensler’s Back to Sports Guidebook to learn more about how we’re working with the teams across collegiate and professional sports to address strategies and solutions that not only get athletes back in their training facilities and fans back in the stands, but also prepare us for the future of reimagined venue experiences.

Ryan Sickman
A global leader of Gensler’s Sports practice based in Washington, D.C., office, Ryan has spent nearly 20 years designing, managing, and overseeing numerous prominent sports facilities across all levels of sport. His knowledge extends from ballparks to arenas and from master plans to economic evaluations. Contact him at .
Jonathan Emmett
As a principal and design director, Jonathan has spent the majority of his more-than-20-year career focusing on the design of prominent professional and collegiate sports venues and sports-anchored developments, both in the United States and worldwide. His award-winning designs exemplify his vision and expertise for creating exciting and unique fan experiences. Jonathan is based in Austin. Contact him at .
Ron Turner
As a global Sports Leader, Ron is one of the industry’s most recognized sports facility designers. His portfolio includes three retractable-roof ballparks, 12 NBA and NHL multipurpose arenas, the award-winning NFL Paul Brown Stadium, Arena, and BMO Stadium. Ron also consults for professional leagues on facility evaluation, design guidelines, and broadcast and security requirements. Contact him at .