The Evolving City
A Nine Point Strategy for Urban Revitalization

COVID-19 has forced us to revisit how we think about our urban environments, and how we can create a better balance between our cities and our neighborhoods. The pandemic, along with social protests, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the murder of George Floyd, have placed a spotlight on inequality in our urban areas and forced it into a national conversation. At Gensler, we are finetuning our approach to urban design and planning, and revisiting the professional principles that we adhere to, and others that we need to rethink.

On Wednesday, September 16, Gensler Global Cities & Urban Design Leaders and Principals Andre Brumfield and Carlos Cubillos along with Global Cities Research Leader Sofia Song, joined Global Practice Areas Leader Ray Shick to host a webinar. The discussion centers on Gensler's Nine Point Plan for Urban Revitalization, with a focus on rethinking the "20-minute neighborhood" through the lens of equity. The webinar also reviews insights from Gensler's City Pulse Surveys, a bold, new proprietary study that explores how people in four global metropolitan areas think of their cities during these extraordinary times.

The conversation focuses on the importance of creating a sustainable, inclusive, and regenerative urban environment. The panelists offer ideas for how we can respond to rapidly changing needs in the public realm, including improving walkability, air quality, access to open spaces, a connection between indoors and outdoors, and a sense of community in our cities. The webinar also considers the future of the central business district as working from home presents an opportunity to make these areas more mixed to foster interaction, increase efficient use of infrastructure, and enrich pedestrian journeys.

The experts cover the benefits of public policy and urban design with increased community participation, as well the importance of investing in public transportation and infrastructure, addressing density, and expanding opportunities that promote equity and encourage affordable intergenerational living and connections. 

Watch the webinar and download Gensler’s Evolving City Guidebook to learn more about Gensler’s research, strategies, and solutions for reimagining our cities to be accessible, resilient, and equitable places for everyone.

Andre Brumfield
Andre is a Principal and Global Cities Sector Leader at Gensler. He is recognized across the industry for leveraging his extensive experience in the fields of urban design, planning, and architecture to catalyze neighborhood revitalization and drive the redevelopment of urban districts. Andre is based in Chicago. Contact him at .
Carlos Cubillos
Carlos is a principal, design director, and Global Cities Sector Leader at Gensler. His experience includes site planning, residential projects, resorts, office, and institutional buildings across international locations including Russia, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Dubai, China, Malaysia, and Singapore. He is based in Washington, D.C. Contact him at .
Sofia Song
Sofia is the global leader of cities research at Gensler’s Research Institute, where she leads a cross-disciplinary team to generate new insights and data that position Gensler as a thought leader, working to influence change at the city scale. Sofia also represents Gensler as a Strategy Officer at the World Economic Forum, focusing on how industries can catalyze change. Sofia’s background includes leading research at proptech and real estate companies as well as roles in transit, community, and public space planning in various U.S. cities. She is based in New York. Contact her at .