Interior at Virtru, Washington, D.C. showing varied work zones.

Workplace Performance Index®

Unlocking workplace potential

Virtru, Washington, D.C.

The Workplace Performance Index (WPIx) is an online diagnostic tool to measure workplace performance.

Since 2008, the WPIx survey has been a pioneering tool exclusively developed by Gensler to empower clients in making informed design decisions and measure design impact.

Diagnose your workplace performance to understand what works, what doesn’t, and what your employees value.

Comprehensive understanding

15-minute customizable survey diagnoses how and where employees work, how they use space, and identifies what works/doesn’t work, and what people value most.


Immediate results can be filtered by department/group, building/site/campus, country/region, role or tenure. Suitable for single workplace projects or global portfolios.

Comparative analysis

Benchmark results by county, industry, or global high-performing workplaces from Gensler’s research for competitive insights.

Design impact

Post-occupancy surveys measure the design impact on work behaviors, key metrics, and outcomes.

Actionable reporting

Robust analytics deliver practical insights to inform design decisions and mitigate risk.

Annual benchmarking

Future workplace change is identified by comparing to latest research and benchmarks.
A view of the Workplace Performance Diagnostic Dashboard
* Dashboard design varies depending on content modes and specific use-case scenarios.

How the WPIx works



Customizable survey deployed to all employees


Results can be filtered to scale and compare against top-performing companies, country or industry.


Identify actionable design strategies to improve workplace performance


Post-occupancy report to measure design impact

Go deeper with optional key performance indicators.

Learn more about your employees at an individual, team, or enterprise level. We can measure individual engagement and commitment; how well your teams are working together; or what motivates your organization to innovate.
Measuring employee engagement
Are your employees energized or willing put in extra effort? Measure individual engagement with their work.
Would your employees speak positively of your company? Learn the extent of individual commitment.
Measuring strength of team relationships
Team Relationships
How well are your teams working together? Measure team dynamics, trust, and relationships.
How aware are your employees of what is happening around the organization? Do they know how their work impacts others?
Measuring a culture of innovation
Does your work environment foster innovation? Measure your space against the most innovative companies.
How well does your organization motivate employees? Learn what excites your employees and how achievements can be celebrated.

The WPIx has been deployed in more than 60 countries and translated to 18 languages.

97 million
data points collected

The WPIx program is supported by a dedicated team within the Gensler Research Institute. WPIx surveys are conducted by strategy and design teams across Gensler’s global offices.