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Alina Hoffman

"My primary interests include universal and holistically inclusive design and experiential research."

New York, New York

Wesleyan University, English Literature, Bachelor of Arts; Georgetown University Law Center, Juris Doctorate; Pratt Institute, Interior Design, Master of Science

Alina is a design analyst and a cohort 2 alumnus of Gensler's DSD program. Her primary interests include universal and holistically inclusive design and experiential research. In a past life, Alina worked in writing, legal and public policy-focused fields. The impact of the built environment on one’s health, well-being, and social understanding remain central to her work.

Briefly describe some highlights of your time in the DSD Program.
The second year research project — getting time to explore something that’s important to me, in this case social well-being and the sense of belonging, and create a usable tool, was especially rewarding. It was also a great excuse to reach out to people across (and beyond) the firm, who are doing cool things and talk with them about their work.

What has been one of the most valuable lessons/ topics/ concepts learned during the program?
DSD encourages you to define and pursue your individual interests, identify your strengths, and develop a longer-term vision for your career. The opportunity to examine and align personal and professional passions has been incredibly valuable to me.

Briefly describe what you are doing post-DSD.
Post-DSD, New York is still my home, but I’ve been able to work with a wider network of people in the office, within and beyond the Consulting studio. I’m now working more regularly with research and health and wellness studios, and continuing to develop a holistic approach to inclusion and well-being in built and social environments.