A person taking a picture of a planet.

Research Project Name

Designing for Place and Purpose in the Metaverse

What We Did

Architects and designers are grappling with the question of how to incorporate the metaverse into their practices. Absent a shared understanding of what the metaverse is and the full extent of its capabilities, the design community will struggle to take advantage of the technology’s potential. At its most fundamental level, the metaverse recreates physical spaces as high-fidelity, interactive virtual environments. At its most radical, the metaverse offers users the chance to explore abstract virtual constructs where the laws and limitations of the physical world do not apply.

We see the metaverse as a useful learning tool that raises provocative questions about the future of the design profession. Can we use it to create differentiated immersive experiences that delight users and solve challenges? Can we extend the metaverse into the physical world in ways that drive value for our communities? Can we give artists, technologists, and creators the tools they need to unleash new waves of creative disruption? We assembled a team of cross-functional experts to answer these questions as we researched the metaverse through the lens of enriching the human experience.

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Ryan Ihly, Faiza Mehmood, Jeanette Fabry, Jeffrey Wigen, Juliana Vargas, Héléne Huang, Shawn Shin, Desi Petkova, AJ Patterson, Leo Su, Wendy Chueh, Thokozani Mabena

Year Completed