Gina Morales headshot

Gina Morales, RA

Studio Director, Associate

Gina is a Studio Director in Gensler’s Bogotá office. With over 8 years of construction industry experience, she has successfully led diverse projects spanning from small-scale renovations to large infrastructure constructions. Her innovative and proactive approach has enabled her to implement methodologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM), showcasing her ability to stay at the forefront of industry advancements. Through her extensive experience, Gina has developed strong leadership skills, fostered effective teamwork, and built exceptional interpersonal relationships. She maintains a commitment to continuous learning, readily adapting to change and embracing new technologies and techniques. Gina’s dynamic skill set, combined with her ability to navigate complex projects, positions her as an asset to any team. Furthermore, with her expertise in internal and external team management, combined with her strategic approach to driving business growth, Gina is an invaluable asset. Her dedication to excellence, problem-solving abilities, and collaborative nature makes her a trusted professional capable of achieving successful outcomes in the construction industry.