A man wearing glasses.

Jacob Simons

Strategy Leader, Studio Director, Senior Associate

Jacob is a Strategy Leader for Gensler’s Northwest region and a Studio Director based in Gensler’s Seattle office. Jacob focuses on leading a team of researchers, strategists, and designers and offering thought leadership across a diverse array of clients and industries. In his role as a Director of Design Strategy, he integrates his background in social science and design to tackle a host of complex problems and opportunities centered around the future of work. Jacob is dedicated to new strategies for promoting wellbeing, culture, and equity in the workplace and discovering what relational dynamics and leadership behaviors can help teams to thrive creatively. Jacob’s day-to-day responsibilities include building partner relations, strategic advisory and facilitation of research, strategy, and prototyping, and elevating the impact of Gensler’s Strategy practice. Jacob’s core mission is to elevate human creative potential and, in turn, create a lasting impact on the most pressing challenges faced in our communities today.