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Johnathan Sandler

Media Leader, Strategy Director, Principal

Based in Gensler’s New York office, Johnathan digs deep to uncover how an organization works, its business objectives, and ways the new environment can help facilitate desired change. He provides strategic planning and consulting services for Fortune 500 companies in New York and internationally. With a background in design and real estate development, he is uniquely suited to balance quantitative requirements with organizational goals and translate them into workplace and portfolio strategies. Johnathan is a global knowledge resource in client relationships, working with key client organizations such as Deloitte, 21st Century Fox, the Ford Foundation, The New York Times, and Columbia University Medical Center. He is also deeply familiar with the financial services and professional services industries. Johnathan regularly speaks at industry conferences such as Real Leasing Toronto and the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School’s annual conference. Johnathan has a Master of Real Estate from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning from Vassar College.