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Adobe Seattle

Seattle, Washington

When Adobe’s 160,000-square-foot Seattle office needed revitalization, it turned to Gensler to provide design and delivery leadership. The existing space lacked Adobe’s voice and was crowded with private offices and inefficient workstations. Utilizing a vibrant color system that aids in intuitive wayfinding, Adobe’s new workplace interior design, infused with environmental graphics, creates an open space configuration that offers flexibility and adaptability. From a dynamic branded entry to interactive wall features that highlight Adobe’s breadth of patents, each space is punctuated with energy.

Enhanced circulation paths provide improved sightlines and collaboration opportunities throughout. An emphasis on human-centric design is reflected in the abundance of spaces offering socializing and wellness focus, including a music room where employees can recharge, cozy booths and seating areas along the office’s perimeter, and a secret doorway leading to the library.

The existing kitchen and cafe space was relocated to the ground floor where it connects to a patio, providing much-desired access to the outdoors — one of the most sought-after amenities in the workplace. This increased accessibility allows for the patio seating to double as coworking space. Inspiration was leveraged from the bridges that make up part of the scenic views throughout the office and used in the structure and forms of the Bascule Cafe's visual identity, including custom typography for each station within the bustling food hall.