A group of people walking in a large building.
A kitchen with a bar and a couple of people in it.
A room with tables and chairs.
A long hallway with people and tables.
A large white wall with pictures on it.
A large room with tables and chairs.
A person walking in a room.
A living room with a rug and chairs.
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San Francisco, California

Airbnb’s headquarters perfectly expresses the lodging and tourism company’s ethos of openness, collaboration, and constant enterprise — all in the comfort of home. After four months embedded in Airbnb’s offices, Gensler designed an open-plan workspace, giving Airbnb’s employees continual freedom to choose where and how to work. Each room is distinct, inspired by a unique, noteworthy Airbnb listing. With many of the interior furnishings also sourced creatively and internationally, this unusual workspace preserves an authentic feel. Airbnb's mantra, "travel like a human,” was translated into a meandering path that connects the spaces — from the library to the full-service kitchen and large dining area — and the spectacular city views.