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American Dream

East Rutherford, New Jersey

Gensler leveraged expertise in hospitality, retail, and entertainment design to realize Triple Five Group’s vision to create the third-largest mixed-use development in North America. Offering unparalleled entertainment, retail, and dining options, American Dream is 3 million square feet and will feature over 450 shops, services, and amenities, complemented by over 15 unique attractions. As the lead design architect for the master plan redevelopment and architectural design, Gensler enhanced the initial master plan, which included areas such as an indoor ski and snow park, an ice rink, and a portion of the retail center. In addition to designing the amusement park and water park, which integrates Nickelodeon Universe and DreamWorks’ intellectual properties, Gensler led the interior design for the parks’ support areas, such as ticketing and cabana spaces, changing rooms, and food halls.