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Bialek Office / Showroom

Rockville, Maryland

As pioneers of tomorrow’s workplace, Bialek’s new office cultivates a culture of caring while showcasing a breadth of products and possibilities. Bialek’s new 12,000-square-foot office is not your typical workplace; it is a working showroom designed to support multiple user groups while showcasing the product and services they sell. The space was designed as a borderless workspace, with flexibility and choice to enable employees and clients to freely flow throughout the office. Within the borderless workplace experience, four individualized zones — indoor garden, design lab, quiet car, and the Bialek Beacon — are distinctly different, encouraging people to come into the office and choose to work in the zone that best fits their needs. Fluid movement in the ceiling ties the spaces together, while the neutral backdrop comprised of layered light textures and black accents, sets the stage for the furniture and finishes to shine. The featured common thread throughout is innovative technology.