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CBRE Southfield

Southfield, Michigan

The relocation of CBRE’s Detroit office was executed with a focus on transforming the workplace into a valuable asset for employees, rather than an administrative shell. Upon entry, employees encounter an atrium called the “heart” that resembles an elegant hotel lobby. The open, sophisticated atmosphere sparks collaboration among employees from the moment they leave the elevator. CBRE’s office spaces consistently emulate their global brand influence while honoring local culture. On one side of the office’s heart, shining glass panels (representing CBRE’s global reach) wrap around to the public space. There, wood paneling (representing local reach) meets the glass and wraps back around the elevator lobby to create a joint visual representation of CBRE’s vast global and local clout. With a skyline graphic in the main hub, a sliding steel barn door emblazoned with a map of Detroit, and colors and textures inspired by Detroit’s own Cranbrook Museum, the office pays homage to the city’s unique influence.