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Confidential Financial Client

Tampa, Florida

This client's revitalized Tampa campus transforms an outdated workplace to a new dynamic and collaborative environment that fosters innovation and promotes growth. The team conducted an analysis of global workplace design trends and simultaneous examination of the local program in order to transform the existing workplace culture in line with the client's values. The design balances neighborhoods with nearby support and collaboration areas, and color unites the entire space and establishes neighborhoods.

The design team developed four space typologies: Bridge, Waterway, Dune, and Canopy. "Bridges" provide a dual function—to connect neighborhoods and house the Work Cafe, collaboration spaces, and copy/print stations. Contrasting, exposed ceilings, and changes in finishes denote the Bridges as collaborative zones that offer a variety of options for workstations and meeting space. The Work Café is a social zone that offers important opportunities for employee integration. The location of the Work Café along primary access creates views, providing a connection to the exterior. Organized around dominant axes, "Waterways" include primary landmarks and create pathways. "Dunes" act as gathering points for collaboration and open meetings. The "Canopy" is an area for respite to rejuvenate employees and support neighborhoods of work stations to promote synergy.