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Activating the Workspace for Activity-Based Working: DBS Singapore


Recognizing that people perform distinct activities in their day-to-day work, DBS departed from its previous workplace model of fixed desk arrangements, to embrace a host of work settings that are tailored to the unique needs of employees and clients.

Gensler built upon its experience working with the Bank’s Corporate Real Estate Strategy and Administration (CRESA) team since 2018 on a series of change management projects, in order to streamline DBS’ transition into Activity-Based Working (ABW) spaces, dubbed ‘JoySpaces.’ Through targeted training programs as well as customized and branded resources, Gensler provided DBS with the necessary tools to sustainably implement new workplace practices and ensure the enduring use of its JoySpaces at its Singapore office.

Gensler also piloted a series of experiments called the ‘Living Lab’ to identify the purpose of the workspace today. This included measuring the appropriateness of functions, quality of collaboration experiences, impact on social interactions, and effectiveness of digital capabilities and physical amenities at the workplace. As a result, Gensler delivered a JoySpace-specific change management program and produced supporting toolkits, including the JoySpace Storybook, to provide context, outline challenges, and offer guidelines for DBS to plan its future workplaces.