A room with glass walls and black walls. A kitchen with a chandelier. A conference room with a large projector screen and chairs. Graphical user interface, website.
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ELA Advertising

Irvine, California

Global adverting agency ELA, whose roster of clients includes TikTok and Disney, recently opened the doors to its newest location in Orange County in order to expand its West Coast footprint outside of its Los Angeles headquarters. The agency’s new workplace features a contemporary modern design aesthetic balanced with functional, open space to promote collaborative work styles. Design elements include raw natural materials, neutral color palettes, and high-level finishes, including a Benetti Moss wall imported from Italy and black charred wood. With the exception of two closed offices for human resources, the remaining workspace is an open floor plan that encourages connection and flexibility with electronic ergonomic standing desks, complete with movable compartments that serve as both storage and seating solutions.