The recent launch of Gensler’s latest Design Forecast underscores the importance of reconnection in a post-COVID world. What are tenants looking for in the post-pandemic legal or management advisory firm office? As hybrid work styles are adopted and office workers are seeking a more flexible culture, tomorrow’s workplace will be a place to network, collaborate, and connect.

In this webinar, Gensler’s Global Professional Services Firms Leaders Carlos Posada and Timothy Bromiley, with regional leaders Christian Amolsch, Jim Prendergast, Joe Durow, and Katie Buchanan, and Design Resilience Leader Mallory Taub, present design strategies for post-pandemic workplaces, and discuss how the shift to work from home is prompting many professional services firms to rethink their real estate requirements.

As the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of nontraditional workstyles, professional services firms are reimagining their offices to become hubs for networking and connection with professionals and clients. Management advisory and consulting firms are piloting hoteling models, new digital tools, and collaborative settings for hybrid work to attract a highly mobile workforce, while law firms are reevaluating how much real estate they really need and looking to build a more flexible culture.

Download Gensler’s Design Forecast 2021 to discover more strategies for transforming workplaces for professional services firms to foster reconnection and collaboration among employees, promote flexibility, and create meaningful, new of engaging with clients.

Carlos Posada
Carlos is a global leader in Gensler’s Professional Services practice who draws on his global design and management experience to bring creative and innovative solutions to every project. Clients and teams alike respect Carlos for his broad range of knowledge for all aspects of project delivery, particularly for law firms and other corporate clients. Carlos is based in London. Contact him at .
Timothy Bromiley
Tim is a global leader in Gensler's Professional Services practice. He uses research combined with a keen understanding his client’s cultural and operational goals to help them make important real estate decisions. Many of the world’s largest and most influential law firms and other professional services clients call upon his expertise. Tim is based in New York. Contact him at .
Mallory Taub
Mallory is a Climate Action & Sustainability Leader for Gensler’s New York office and a Sustainability Director. As a Forefront Fellow for the Urban Design Forum, Mallory worked with a cohort of diverse emerging leaders in urban design, development, and policy to co-author the report, “Turning the Heat: Resiliency in New York City’s Heat-Vulnerable Neighborhoods.” She is also an IWBI Leadership Award recipient, a Sandy Hirshen Prize award winner for her graduate work in socially responsible architecture, and the co-chair of the AIA New York Committee on the Environment. She is based in New York. Contact her at .

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