A room with a large glass wall and a large white and black couch. A room with tables and chairs. A large building with a glass front. A bathroom with a shower and shelves. A person standing in a room. A bathroom with a large mirror. A room with chairs and tables. A living room with a large screen.
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Etihad Flagship Lounge, JFK International Airport

Queens, New York

Etihad Airways offers a full luxury experience in air travel. Because the guests' journey begins long before stepping aboard a plane, Etihad is creating a series of lounges at major airports. At JFK’s Terminal 4, Gensler translated their two-dimensional brand concept — the Facets of Abu Dhabi, developed by Landor — into a three-dimensional luxury experience. Inspired by the shifting geometry of the sand dunes of the Arabian Peninsula, the design is a thoroughly modern take on the geometrically precise patterns that pervade traditional Arabian design. The concept underlies Etihad's commitment to pairing authentic tradition with inspired hospitality in a singular expression of 21st-century Abu Dhabi modernism. To fulfill this vision, Gensler understood that every detail must serve the total experience of the brand.