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FIAO Il Centro Community Center

Brooklyn, New York

Il Centro Community Center is a milestone for both the Federation of Italian-American Organizations (FIAO) and the community they serve. FIAO is a not-for-profit that provides educational and recreational resources to the local Italian-American and multi-cultural communities. Their new four-story building helps FIAO further its mission with maximized floor space to host numerous programs with an auditorium, classrooms, indoor pool, gymnasium, fitness center, rooftop terrace, and garden. The design team devised an innovative solution to place the swimming pool at the top of the building, which not only created an exciting swimming experience, but allowed the team to fit the rest of the robust program on the site. Additionally, Gensler assisted FIAO in connecting with city programs and developing an annual fundraising event that inspired participation from the surrounding Italian-American community and encouraged membership in other cultural associations, marking a moment where great design inspires a greater purpose.