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Gensler Tampa

Tampa, Florida

Gensler Tampa revitalizes the city’s iconic Rivergate Tower, the new home of its modern, new office space. The uniquely Floridian building features a nautical inspiration and is one of the world’s largest limestone structures. At its base are “The Cubes,” two distinct cube pavilions with narrow floor plates lining a voluminous five-story atria. In its previous Tampa workplace, the firm built amazing relationships, but felt removed from its community. Now at Rivergate, connectivity is key at Gensler Tampa’s new office space.

The tower’s ground level is a public space, redeveloped by Gensler in 2017, bustles with activity from the adjacent parks and offices, restaurants, and museums within the building. With the top two floors of The Cubes historically unleased for two decades, Gensler saw the opportunity to reinvigorate the space while uniquely connecting to downtown Tampa. The open concept of each level allows Gensler to see and interact with the public utilizing the lobby space and opens up constant visual connectivity with the other floors. Sound treatments in the workspace preserve privacy with acoustic control to support focus work at the office. Both the building’s interior and exterior give Gensler a new perspective from which to see the city — and for the city to see it.