A building with a glass front.
A large red gate.
Graphical user interface.
A man looking at a large screen.
A person standing in a store.
A store front with a large window.
A large library with books.
A store front with a large display.
A store with shelves of books.
A pool with lights.
A person sitting on a couch.
A stage with a large crowd.
A man standing next to a table.
A couple of people in a bowling alley.
A man playing a video game.
A piano in a room.
A group of people sitting on a stage.
A person walking down a hallway.
A person walking down a hallway.
A hallway with a door.
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Hyundai Card Music Library + Understage

Seoul, Korea

In an ongoing effort to offer credit card holders new experiences and elevate its brand standing, Hyundai Card developed this unique entertainment complex to appeal to a broad section of consumers and connoisseurs alike. Comprising the Music Library – home to one of the largest specialized music collections in the world – and the Understage – an underground performance venue – the project’s design echoes the texture and imperfection of the analog media it celebrates. Material selections possess a timeless character and the ability to age naturally. Artworks by international street artists provide a fitting combination of grit and beauty that blend seamlessly with the modernity of the space.