IAT Insurance headquarters interior IAT Insurance headquarters conference room IAT Insurance headquarters hallway with windows and varied seating IAT Insurance headquarters lounge chairs by windows IAT Insurance headquarters staircase 2 employees conversing at IAT Insurance headquarters IAT Insurance headquarters meeting rooms, workstations, and lounge seating IAT Insurance headquarters cafe-style seating below staircase IAT Insurance headquarters staircase and varied seating
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IAT Insurance

Raleigh, North Carolina

The experience of both visitors and employees was a key factor in the design of IAT Insurance’s new headquarters in Raleigh. The company values are displayed internally, while its mission statement and Family of Answers became the main drivers for how its brand and values are communicated throughout the Raleigh workspace. As one moves through the workspace, brand moments are reinforced with subtle queues marked by the organization’s core brand colors, shapes, and composition.

IAT wanted to create an environment that would impress visitors with both its culture and the design of its space, and encourage them to continue to come back. At IAT’s new space, visitors are greeted by friendly faces and can feel a sense of professionalism and trust. Office furniture is simple in form but rich in both color and texture, consistently offering comfort and a common design thread throughout the two floors of its office, collaboration, and amenity spaces.