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Lionsgate Studios Atlanta

Douglasville, Georgia

Lionsgate Studios Atlanta will be an anchor for economic life and social vibrancy in the entertainment capital of the south. Located in Douglas County, the media campus design includes 11 purpose-built sound stages with production support, workshops, creative office space, a restaurant, and food hall. Lionsgate Studios Atlanta strives to be the commercial catalyst for a future master-planned development, complete with retail, hospitality, and office space.

Great Point Studios and developer Holder Properties engaged Gensler to lead the master planning, architecture, and placemaking for the monumental media complex. Together with these clients, Gensler identified the primary goal for the project: to create an enhanced and streamlined studio experience for the next generation of creative storytellers and entertainers. With Lionsgate Studios serving as the anchor tenant, the decision to build a new media studio complex represents the investment that the film and television industry has made in the state of Georgia.

Once complete, the studio complex will be a destination within the lively and dynamic live, work, play campus. In stark contrast to the isolated, walled fortresses of film studios past, Lionsgate Studios Atlanta ushers in a modern, inclusive approach to sound stage design that serves blueprint for future sound stages around the world.