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San Antonio, Texas

Situated at the edge of the historic Tobin Hill neighborhood and the San Antonio River, Mira is a residential mixed-use development located in a previously commercial block. In the heart of a burgeoning urban district near downtown, Mira is accessible to the Museum reach section of the River Walk as well as the lifestyle amenities of the Pearl District. Designed by Gensler San Antonio, the residential mixed-use property houses 325 rental units on the upper levels with parking integrated in a screened podium fronted by 14,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor.

The building design is modulated to fit in its context, both in massing and materials. Its expressed podium establishes the scale of the pedestrian experience, above which the residential units are grouped in a warm brick cladding that references the materiality of the Pearl and the industrial history of the site. The building introduces generous streetscapes and a pedestrian realm that helps connect this area and the neighborhood to the west, to the river and Pearl district.