OMSI billboard. OMSI ticket. OMSI website. OMSI wayfinding. Side-by-side composite of a model with OMSI tote bag and OMSI logos. Side-by-side composite of a boy wearing an OMSI hat and t-shirt, and an OMSI street poster. 3 OMSI iPhone mockups. OMSI train station ads.
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Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Brand Design

Portland, Oregon

Gensler worked with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) to reposition their brand identity to reach a broader audience — particularly underserved communities. Our design process invited partners across Oregon to participate, ensuring a broad range of perspectives are represented and resulting in a concept that reflects the diversity of voices who engage with the museum. Individually unique letterforms come together to create unified wordmarks; open-source typefaces are accessible to everyone; and colors are drawn from thunder eggs — wildly intricate rock formations unique to Oregon. An expanded visual system of illustration and photography invites local artists to produce content that is both identifiable as OMSI and representative of the greater community they serve.