PBA EMP cabinet pull close-up. PBA EMP cabinet pulls close-up. PBA EMP cabinet pulls close-up. PBA EMP cabinet pulls close-up. PBA EMP features graphic.
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Products that are ADA compliant are typically well-engineered, but frequently bulky, institutional in appearance, and emotionally dispiriting — and millwork pulls are no exception. Wire, or C-shaped, pulls that attach to door and drawer fronts can be a safe go-to from an accessibility standpoint, but designers of commercial interiors often prefer edge-mounted tab pulls for the custom cabinetry they specify for reception areas, conference rooms, kitchens, and closets; their thin profile gets lost in the seams and doesn’t pull focus from the facings. The problem is that many edge-mounted pulls can contradict interpretations of the current ADA standards, confounding the selection process.

So, to help disambiguate edge pull use, Gensler designed a collection of seven millwork pulls — three of which are edge-mounted while conforming to the intent expressed in the current ADA accessibility guidelines. The openings are spacious and welcoming, allowing for engagement with either hand from multiple approaches while responding to the limitations associated with disability, injury, and age.