PBA Hands-Free Door Pull close-up. PBA Hands-Free Door Pull close-up. PBA Hands-Free Door Pull close-up. PBA Hands-Free Door Pull diagram.
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Automatic, contact-free doors are brilliant in concept, but building conditions and cost often prohibit their use, especially on retrofit projects. That’s why, since the recent pandemic began, and touchless interface became an imperative, one of the most frequent requests from our interiors clients has been for aesthetically appealing hands-free door pulls — hardware that lets users enter and exit with their wrists, forearms, and elbows instead of their fingers and palms.

To address this need, Gensler designed a collection of Hands-Free Door Pulls that synthesize functionality and sculptural elegance to prove, once again, that high-utility products don’t have to undermine the visual integrity of a space. And the collection brings a new level of accessibility to the often challenging act of opening a door, offering far greater flexibility in use than conventional pulls. No longer dependent on fingers or a grip, these products look beyond ADA standards to accommodate a wider range of user preferences and capabilities relative to approach, handedness, reach, and strength. They’re the new threshold to a smarter, more hygienic, more inclusive built environment.