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Plantronics: Experience Design

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Plantronics expo center is a fully immersive experience. With nods to their rich history and culture around every turn, the expo center surrounds visitors in the company’s brand. The customer journey begins as visitors ascend from the parking garage to the reception area in a sound-devoid elevator. The absence of sound is palpable until the doors reopen, highlighting the presence of noise. Reception leads to the Hall of Time installation, featuring large, digital screens, both fixed and mobile, featuring heritage brand content. Visitors then move up to the first floor, beginning at the Sound Chamber, which highlights Plantronics sound solutions and leads to the Sound Sculpture. Designed as a single, free-floating interactive table and a large light sculpture, it is suspended in the atrium and reflects what is happening at the table. The sculpture provides a tangible way of experiencing sound through physical experience.