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Allergan: Experience Design

Madison, New Jersey

Leading global pharmaceutical company, Allergan, partnered with Gensler to realize a holistic brand program at its new administrative headquarters. Featuring digital content development and environmental graphic design, the program immerses employees and guests in a experiential, visual narrative of Allergan’s culture, mission, and people. At the office entrance, eight 13-foot-high digital screens display dynamic visuals reflecting Allergan’s culture and services. Throughout the space, the company's three brand colors — blue, green, and orange — serve as a wayfinding concept. Vibrant entry portals denote office amenities such as “The Perk,” “The Gym,” and “The Store,” with signage upon backlit, perforated metal walls, echoing the circular shape of Allergan’s logo. Inside, three-dimensional acrylic icons illustrate the spaces. Finally, painted typographic murals embellish the walls of social hubs with Allergan tenets “Bold for Life,” "Mind Body Soul,” and “MOVE,” expressing the brand’s mission and inspiring healthy choices.