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Reverb by Hard Rock Hotel Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

The new Reverb by Hard Rock Hotel in Atlanta serves as a key differentiator in a mixed-use development by ushering a community driven by rich culture, a spirit for adventure, and a passion for music. Gensler’s hospitality designers teamed up with Hard Rock to bring this new brand to life by providing a sanctuary where eclectic music lovers can express themselves, meet new people, and experience a melting pot of music culture. Both the architecture and hospitality interior design reflect a creative atmosphere where diverse music genres and people of varying backgrounds blend together, mirroring the unique musical tastes of guests. Inspiration by gig posters and fan culture zines, a visual language common to all music genres, is present throughout. This new Atlanta destination shines the spotlight directly on the fans — those who live and breathe music can now eat, sleep, and drink it too.