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A group of people in an office.
A man and a woman in an office.
A group of people in a room.
A group of people in a room.
A group of people in a room.
A group of people in an office.
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Roche Diagnostics

Tokyo, Japan



Looking to shift the work style and expand the visitor area, Roche Diagnostics relocated their office, showroom, and laboratory from Shibakoen to Shinagawa.

This project features an activity-based workspace program that encourages workers to select the space they occupy based on the nature of their work. This facility enhances communication and collaboration with adjustable work desks, focus booths, quiet concentration space, box seats, and social spaces like the cafeteria. A change management program reinforces paperless workflows as a crucial element of an open office environment.

The space also includes a Roche brand journey experience intended to enrich visitors' understanding of the facility and the Roche brand via a showcase walk from the lobby to seminar rooms with visual access the laboratory facility.