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Tokyo, Japan



Shiseido’s transformed headquarters embodies the global beauty company’s new vision — Work x Life x Beauty — by creating an immersive workplace where people can experience the Shiseido DNA. The renovated workspace celebrates diversity and inclusion to support the brand’s mission of “Beauty Innovations for a Better World.”

Driven by the concept of a Crossing Point of Creativity, fixed seating was removed in order to introduce activity-based working and open up the space. This provides a dynamic working environment that encourages people to interact and exchange ideas. Additional features such as makeup vanities, product lounges, and store mock-ups were added to build a workplace culture that will foster new ideas and empower staff to learn more about their brands and customers.

The Shiseido brand is infused in the common areas with colors inspired by makeup, such as lipstick and blush. Each office floor represents a major global brand to form a colorful Beauty Mille-feuille that is layered with unique qualities. As a Japanese-origin beauty company, the new global headquarters, designed by Gensler Tokyo, has become the pride of the Shiseido brand and its employees.

新しいワークスタイル「Work x Life x Beauty」を体現できる環境を目指し、汐留本社オフィス(GLOBAL VISION CENTER) および資生堂ジャパンオフィスを改修した。ダイバーシティやインクルージョンを推進する開放的な環境と、ブランドDNAを体験できる空間を求めていた。




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