A building with glass windows. A long hallway with several computer servers. A train going down the tracks. A room with a table and chairs. A room with red and white lights. Diagram.
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St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Data Center

Memphis, Tennessee

When St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital partnered with Gensler to build a new data center on their newly expanded campus, the goal was to create a functional space that not only houses mission-critical functions but to utilize it to advance cures and means of prevention for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. To meet the ever-changing needs of the medical and data industries, the facility is adaptable to future demands while being streamlined and cohesive for its currents needs. Key features include the staircase reminiscent of a DNA strand and the data hall. Additionally, amenities include a café space on the third floor and a disaster recovery room that can be used as a conference room.